Two Months to Live


Last night I had a dream.
I dreamt I had bowel cancer.
The doctor told me I had two months.
My first thought was: “Guts.”
And I said to the doctor:
“Two months. Right.
I’m a bit upset.
I don’t feel like I’m finished here yet.
I feel like there’s still more I should do.
But I guess that’s life.”
I tried to shrug and then I stumbled out
Told my parents
Tried to figure out how I would tell my students.
Would I see the term out with them?
No, I should say goodbye, quit work,
Spend time with the family.
I kept thinking:
“My seven book series.
I won’t get to finish my seven book series.”
I kept thinking how terrible
That would be.
Would two months be enough time
To finish a seven book series?
There was no way I could do it justice
In two months.
I should put aside work and make memories
With those I loved.
I thought of how I’d miss my family
In heaven.
Then I thought of how heaven would be incredible.
God would take everything away from me now
To give me more later.
But I just felt like there was
Unfinished work to do.
Besides all that, as I got sicker,
I wouldn’t be able to do a thing.

I woke up, and I thought:
“Lord, you could end this life now.
Help me to make every second count.”
All we have on earth
Is a fragile, pale glory
Swiftly broken by the vanishing sun.
We wake to another world
Where there will never be
Another deadline.

Goodbye West


Hello euthanasia,
Hello abortion.
Hooray for transgenders
Getting their portion.

Thanks for gay marriage.
Thanks so much, Congress.
Now we are making
Excellent progress.

Goodbye family,
And natural conception.
Hello death,
Here’s your reception.
Bye-bye babies.
You’re just foetuses anyway.
But save that egg:
Same-sex folk need it someday.

Meanwhile a few aggressors in the east,
Watch as the great western beast
Subsides in tides of liberal rapture
Following the leftists’ triumph and capture.

“They’re dying off! Now is our time.
America’s collapsing in her prime.
She’s killing babies and old people unaware
That our population overflows here.
She’s filled with couples who can’t reproduce!
It doesn’t take a fool to deduce
That now’s our chance! They’re outnumbered ten to one.
Every man to his plane. Go grab your gun.”

Goodbye West. In God you trusted.
You’ve changed your ways. Now you’re busted.

A Sianian Lay for the Man That Comes of Age


My Father, I seek my kingdom.
Mira’um ki camaë, za!
My Father, I would have joy of days.
Lamnai ki ichthus hainai.

My son, belike you must become a man.
Mira’um ki camaë, za!
Grit your teeth and earn your land.
Lamnai ki ichthus hainai.

My Father, my heart is stirred within me.
Mira’um ki camaë, za!
Without her, I cannot bear to be.
Lamnai ki ichthus hainai.

My son, peril fills your road this day.
Mira’um ki camaë, za!
Your childhood now must fall away.
Lamnai ki ichthus hainai.

For sad is the woman indeed
Who becomes the mother of one
Because she has married in haste
My hapless, idle son.

My Father, I seek my kingdom.
Mira’um ki camaë, za!
And embrace my duty, else hope grows dim.
Lamnai ki ichthus hainai.

May the God above see my toiling.
May all men respect my true manhood.
May the God above, my work rewarding
At last grant me all things good.

Mira’um ki camaë, za!
Mikinyai rn na mahn bou calam.
Lamnai ki ichthus hainai.
Lemnak inra sauh keperimii.

Authors and Memory


When I edit lots
My brain gets fried
And I forget things
Like (a) whether or not I had a coffee;
(b) What my name is;
(c) What the time is;
(d) Whether I stopped for that red light or not;
(e) What the name of this student in front of me is,
And (f) why I’m an author.

When I write,
My memory improves.
I remember point (f).

A Youth’s Plea


When the world is untainted,
All our ideals unspoiled,
Our dreams intact,
And the perfection of our experiences
Golden and crimson
In the colours of vivifying autumn:
God, keep us from being harsh
To those who have been hurt,
Who have failed so badly they feel
They cannot get up again.
God, give us imagination
Where we have no understanding.
God, give us compassion.

For there is nothing so horrible
As naivety paired with intolerance.
Naivety can be forgiven.
Intolerance cannot.