Disturber of the Peace


Beneath emerald leaves

In grassy parks

In quiet places

A dog endlessly barks.

It barks and it barks until it becomes the whole world.

The sound grows and grows till colours are swirled.

Muddied, the sky turns a dismal grey.

I wish that dog would shut up today.

Time to Fly


Feathers on my desk

Remind me to fly,

Keep flying.

Dead flowers on my shelf

Remind me of death

People dying.

This is the death of you,

The end of all memories.

This is a new day too.

I have a fistful of keys.

Gonna open doors, walk stone floors.

A portal to freedom will lead me home.

Waves of foam,

A ship on the seas

New possibilities.

Chin up, head high.

Time to fly.

The New Zealand Herald, Upcoming Book Release, and Other Interesting Ramblings


Last Friday, I was enjoying the last afternoon of the holidays by drinking too much coffee, wearing shabby clothes, and playing online boggle. Then my cell phone went off, and The New Zealand Herald wanted an interview. A photographer was coming my way. My first internal response was: “Yes…aaargh!” After a frantic change of clothes, a hasty and painful make up session, and several minutes spent trying unsuccessfully to calm myself down, I was ready for my interview (kind of). The whole thing actually went off really well and even though I was terrified of the camera, we got through it in the end. Here’s the link. The article appeared on page three of the physical copy of The New Zealand Herald.

Now I’m back to school, but I’m still taking a bit of time to get excited about the release of book three on October 20th. It’s starting to sink in that after this I’ll have a long break. And while I’m keen for the break from deadlines, I don’t want books five, six, and seven to be left in the lurch. However, I’m praying that God will provide as he did with books one to four. Who knows?

Servant of the King, book three of The Fledgling Account, is up for preorder. If you like outrageously busy fantasy fiction that wallops you in the eye, feel free to check it out.