Dealing With Rejection


Thank you for your email. We are finding it difficult to sell fantasy at the moment so we have decided not to make an offer on this one.”

Yes, that was the sort of thing I heard for two years. At first sight, you think – well, that’s actually not too bad. At least they’re not saying they wish your book would hide under a rock for one million years, or something like that. But it got to me after a while: two years of consistently hearing publishers saying ‘no’ and not much else besides. How did I know what to improve on? Why were they all rejecting me? Was there really someone out there – someone – who was going to take me on?

Here’s an article on regarding rejection. Writing it out helped me realise that being rejected over and over is actually not a hopeless affair. There so much that writers can do in today’s climate. As usual, the message is: never give up.

Sarcasm, the Ugliest of Masks


Honesty is a gift.
Deception causes a rift
In the best of relations.

Be content with meaning
What you say
Don’t joke; don’t be clever today.

Avoid sarcasm;
It’s the ugliest of masks.
Make sincerity
Your most pressing of tasks.

Meet my eyes, no matter what it costs.
Pay the price, or else you’re lost.

In times like this
You must show candour.
If don’t speak now,
You’ll vanish forever.

I’ve Finished a Novel. Now What?


Maybe you’re having a tough time writing. Or maybe you’ve finished writing your novel, and you’re not sure what to do. There’s this horrible apathy or despair that’s settled over you as you realise: “I have no idea what to do with this”.
I hope that the following article on my official Writer Support site will help you kick your door of opportunity open. Don’t wait till it comes knocking. You might find yourself retired before that happens. Pursue your chances; work for every success. Your journey starts today.

The Reason to Write


The reason I write
Is that it feels like
Boiling a pot
Letting out the steam when it’s hot;
Attacking the flower bed
With a sharp spade head;
Riding a moose
And communing with a goose;
Playing cricket,
But first smashing the wicket;
Skipping the country;
Climbing a gum tree;
And in short being everywhere and nowhere,
Being all or nothing
And expressing each good thing
Without strain of convention
But with every good intention.

Take Courage

I know you feel
Everyone’s prettier.
So do I.
I know you feel
They all have charisma
And you don’t.
I know you feel
Everyone looks past you
And if they do
That’s their issue;
They’re losing out.

The vivacious are the most scared.
The opinionated are the most insecure -
Skyscrapers that sway in every breeze,
Clear as glass, green as trees.

The out-going are out of place.
The free are the caged and lonely.
Be courageous to be yourself,
Express the truth of your nature only.

There are many types of bravery
In a world where all is false.
One of the greatest is to be
Yourself, and no one else.

Writer Support

I love making websites. It reminds me of a playing a computer game called Fine Artist when I was younger. Click and drag with weebly is much more fun, for a dimwit like me, than coding is. So I’ve gone and done it again, but this time, is for keeps.
 When I started writing books, I was unfortunate enough not to know how to find any external support online. When it came to writing query letters, it was a rather dreadful affair.
 To the Agency of New Zealand:
 I have written a book which I would very much like to publish. I desire your consideration; however, if you deem my work unappealing, I understand.
 I will include an excerpt below. My name is (Miss) Yvette Willemse, and I live in ________. Of all my interests in life, I am most passionate about writing.
 Yvette Kate Willemse.
Some of you may instantly understand that there are numerous errors in this excerpt from a query letter that I actually wrote. The agency I contacted was not the only agency in New Zealand, and I did not go to the trouble of finding out the name of the person to whom I was writing. I made it sound like the agency was a publishing company; and I did not include information of previous writing experience. My plot summary, which I have omitted, contained a number of grammatical mistakes and perhaps all the tropes that exist in creation.
 I often wished that there was a place I could go to that would offer some personalised advice on how to research agents, how to write query letters, how to edit your work for a potential agent or publisher, etc. There are actually surprisingly few sites that offer all of that in one package.
 When I was younger and I discovered that there wasn’t a book out there exactly like the one I wanted to read, I started writing one. Likewise, in this situation, I’m endeavouring to create a website and slowly, slowly launch something that will help beginning writers in the way that I desired sometime ago. If you have any ideas for things that you would like to see in a Writer Support website, please let me know in comments below. I’m looking for ways to better this site and make it a great place for other beginning authors. Now that I’m on my second writing contract, I’d like to help others get their own.
 Please do take some time to visit; and if you’re keen to guest post, I’m open to that as well. I’ll also blog a little bit on my own writing journey, directly on the site.
 Let the writing go on.